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(TINE) is an exclusive global strategic online investment company that aimed at managing its investors money and increase their profit rate categories.

TALENT; = Natural ability to do something

INVESTMENT; = the use of money for future profit the outlay of money eg by depositing it in a bank or by buying stock/ bond in a company with the object of making a profit.

NEGOTIATION; = the reaching of agreement through discussion and compromise.

EXPANSION; = the process of enlargement, in creasing something in a size, & cope or number.

Your money invested is well secured and we implement risk less sharing and guarantee your money safe. All we want from our clients and investors are to be a more professional business man& woman worldwide. Being confidential in any amount invested and also earning of reasonable return rate on your investment in our business strategic platform.

Kindly visit our address; www.tineinvestments.com

Create a new account, from the new account button, you will receive an account number and password through your email address or phone number to LOG IN to your account platform.

[i] Make a PAYMENT at the bank with the Account Number provided bellow;
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0072880411
BANK: Diamond Bank.

ACCOUNT NAME: Tine God Networks LTD
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2029418491

  • [ii] BUY BOND; you can buy bond which are to be used for investments by using your payment teller to process REQUEST OF BOND.
  • [iii] Once your request is processed, you will receive a code of the amount paid for from BOND BOUGHT
  • [iv] ADD BOND; insert the bond code and amount from the BOND BOUGHT into the add bond button on your account platform.

Tine investments gives you the best rate of investment, so sit back and enjoy your investments grow in no time.

Click at the > INVESTMENT CHART < follow this from the information carried out and know about investment and interest growth.

You will get your interest return after each level might have be completed it's interest return, level start from level one[1] to level five[5].

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Click on the withdrawal request select the amount you want to withdraw and carry out the instruction given on the page.

Ten percent (10%) Charges On Transaction (COT) will be deducted from your interest return at each level. Twenty percent (20%) charge will be deducted from your interest at your final level five for company maintenance.

Your withdrawal request processed at least 24 hours of your request.

It left for you to make a choice from selected displayed options on the withdrawal page.

The sum of FIFTEEN thousand (N15,000) Naira is the minimum and The sum of TWO hundred FOURTY thousnd (N240,000) Naira is the maximum.


  • N15,000---------for 1 bond
  • N30,000---------for 2 bond
  • N45,000---------for 3 bond
  • N75,000---------for 5 bond
  • N150,000--------for 10 bond
  • N225,000--------for 15 bond
  • N300,000--------for 20 bond
  • #5000 service charge for each bond


About Us

Tine God Networks Ltd, a.k.a Tine Investments is a company limited by shares, incorporated in Nigeria under part A of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of the Federation, 2004 as a private limited liability company with Ten million share capital, divided into Ten million share of N1.00 each and with its funding power to issue debenture bonds as provided under section 161 of exchange control act of 1962


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