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Tine God Networks Ltd, a.k.a Tine Investments is a company limited by shares, incorporated in Nigeria under part A of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of the Federation, 2004 as a private limited liability company with Ten million share capital, divided into Ten million share of N1.00 each and with its funding power to issue debenture bonds as provided under section 161 of exchange control act of 1962

The Company has authorized the creation and issuing of monthly revolving, perpetual and irredeemable debenture bonds under the Provision of section 171 of trust deed act and section 166 of the exchange control act 1962. About the company Marketing Project The company Tine God Networks Ltd a.k.a Tine Investments is an investment company that engages in business development in energy, oil & gas, Industrial, Construction, Agriculture and Commercial sectors of the economy and so on.


Tine is an exclusive global strategic mony investment company that managing its investors money and increase their profit rate categories.


To establish an online network investment/ business development platform with professional practices in order to generate high business method geared toward new research development partnership within and across the word.

NB;To provide a relevant solution that people may be financially empowered and to raise leaders of today and tomorrow which require new capabilities in strategic management and how to reach them through digital online investment or social media method and an ability to create more profitable way to develop a solid global investment and strategic market medium for business circulation and a tighter grip on the finance.

To develop their product and services around the world that will classified their professional business development and aim to differentiate their offerings. And to secure a solid core of investment guidance to help you develop the basic competence that is essential for well business growth in today's business environment with widespread of the need that investor will become more professional, there is both a very smart online sizeable business market for an investment.



TINE INVESTMENT seeks to eradicate the following concerns:

  • Narrow down the individual/investor's expectation and actual reality.
  • Eradicating poverty in Africa / World at large.
  • To right the wrongs of the past of similar investments

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