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Tine 5 months Premium Package is not a promo package. It is a must have for existing and non existing investors. It is a package that has come to stay and attracts great benefits.


TINE INVESTMENT seeks to eradicate the following concerns:

  • Narrow down the individual/investor's expectation and actual reality.
  • Eradicating poverty in Africa / World at large.
  • To right the wrongs of the past of similar investments

How it Works


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Create a new account from the new account button. You will receive an account number and password to log in to your account plateform.more


Buy Investment Bond

Just make payment at the bank and using the code you acquire to process your purchase from your account platform.


Invest Your Bonds Into The System

Once your purchase is processed, you will receive a bond code in the amount you paid for. Insert the bond code into the Add Bond button on your account platform.


Watch Your Money Grow

Tine Investments gives you the best rates of investments. So sit back and enjoy your investments grow in no time. Know about investment growth.

We are E.s.t in 2008

Who We Are

Tine God Networks Ltd, a.k.a Tine Investments is a company limited by shares, incorporated in Nigeria under part A of the Companies and Allied Matters Act, Laws of the Federation, 2004 as a private limited liability company with Ten million share capital, divided into Ten million share of N1.00 each and with its funding power to issue debenture bonds as provided under section 161 of exchange control act of 1962 The Company has authorized the creation and issuing of monthly revolving, perpetual and irredeemable debenture bonds under the Provision of section 171 of trust deed act and section 166 of the exchange control act 1962.Read More




what people say


It is so real


I cant believe its real until i tried.


Tine changed my Life


My finance has grown so big within a mindset of time. it is just unbelievable

Our Company Values

Our Philosophy

The biggest risk investors' face is that they will not achieve their investment goals. Tine Investment believes the best risk/return trade-offs can be obtained via a thorough understanding of the individual risks in a portfolio, and of how their characteristics can change when they are combined with other risks.

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